One on One Personal Training

Fully customized fitness programming for a single individual.  Program includes regular assessments, program design, exercise instruction, goal setting, and basic nutrition education. 

Small Group Personal Training (2-4 people)

Small group workouts for up to 4 clients.  Program design, exercise instruction, and nutrition education are the primary focus of group workouts.  Assessment and goal setting are also available to groups but are usually done individually. 

Sport Conditioning Program

Training for athletes in any season of the sport year.  This program emphasizes explosive forces, strength and conditioning, nervous system/balance, and cardiovascular training specific to the activity. 

Corrective Exercise Program

Corrective exercise focuses on fixing muscle imbalances to promote better posture so you can move with less pain.  Corrective exercise programs incorporate multiple forms of stretching and strengthening to improve joint health and movement efficiency. 

Consultations are Free

In-Home $40/30min, $55/45min, $65/60min

In-Gym    $35/30min, $45/45min, $55/60min

Contact for group pricing