Nutrition Services

Individual Nutrition Counseling: available in person or remotely

Suitable for …

  • Maximizing athletic performance 
  • Nutrition therapy for disordered eating & eating disorders
  • Prenatal and postnatal nutrition care
  • Medical nutrition therapy for a number of conditions including diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, digestive wellness, oncology nutrition, osteoporosis, etc.

Nutrition Counseling Assessment Initial Visit $100 75 min 

  • We will go over medical history, current eating habits, diet history, dietary recall & analysis, goal setting, and supplement safety & recommendations. 
  • Each client will get personalized nutrition education needed to reach his/her goals.
  • Each visit the client will receive a written summary, which will include the topics covered in that session and goals to work toward until the next visit.

Nutrition Counseling follow-up visits $60 45 min

  • These follow up visits will ensure that each client is getting individualized recommendations and allow adequate time to cover questions or concerns that come up during a client’s nutrition journey. Follow up visits allow for a mini reassessment on progress and related adjustments to be made. 

Individualized Meal Plan $110

  • Includes meal plan templates with an example day menu and an appointment to go over how to use the template. 
  • Additional day menus are available $20 per day.
  • Must complete nutrition assessment before meal plan will be made.

Weightlifting Weight Class Meal Plans $65

  • Plan includes specific foods and servings by food group for each meal.
  • Simple instructions and comprehensive list of food options.
  • Made specifically for olympic weightlifters.
  • Click here to purchase.

Sweat concentration testing $100 for test + $50 for a follow up visit to go over personalized recommendations based on test results; group discount are available for teams

  • Able to determine specific and individual fluid and electrolyte needs to ensure adequate intake during activity to prevent dehydration-related symptoms and illness. 
  • The follow up visit with the results of the test will include fluid recommendations for during workouts or practice and if electrolytes (and how much) are necessary.

Grocery Store Tours $60

  • Participants will learn how to navigate through the grocery store to the best food options for their goal, how to compare similar choices for the best option, how to prepare a plan and grocery list for the week.
  • Also suitable for college students wanting to learn how to navigate the new environment of cafeterias and dorm room “kitchens”. 
  • May be combined with pantry makeover for a discount.

Pantry Makeovers $60

  • Learn how to improve the foods kept in your home and in turn improve your nutrition to reach you goals.
  • May be combined with grocery store tour for a discount.

Cooking Demonstrations- price varies, contact for more details.

  • Learn easy meals to prepare that fit with individual preferences and lifestyle.

*We are an out of network provider meaning we do not accept health insurance directly but most health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts do allow the use of those funds for dietitian appointments. We can also give you a superbill after appointments which is a receipt you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Whether your insurance company will reimburse you for the appointments and how much depends on your insurance plan.

Alyssa Broadwater MS, RD, LD, CSCS