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Personal Training and Wellness Coaching at Gilead Fitness in Mount Gilead, Ohio


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Gilead Fitness

16 South Main Street
Mount Gilead, OH 43338
+1 419-947-2100
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How does virtual personal training work?

To get started we schedule a free phone consultation to get to know each other. We want to understand your medical history, exercise history, personal needs, goals, and how much space you have available for workouts. From there we determine an appropriate workout duration and frequency (workout length/number of workouts each week). With this info we create a completely personalize your program and take you through each workout live using streaming video services Zoom or Facetime. We are with you to teach you the movements, give you cues, feedback, and encouragement throughout the workout. We’re different because we’re with you one on one the entire workout just like a regular personal training session at the gym.

Can you train me if I don’t have any equipment?Yes, we can create complete exercise programs that require no equipment at all. Having equipment is helpful but it isn’t necessary and if you decide to pick up some fitness gear we can help you figure out what would be most beneficial to you and your available space.

What if I’ve never worked out?No problem! We have worked with beginners for over 14 years and know exactly how to help you get started. We begin  with a phone call to go over your current fitness level and health history while also discussing goals and any concerns you might have.  From this conversation, and our new client paperwork, we develop workouts that are best suited to your current fitness level, abilities, and goals.

What technology do you use?We primarily use Facetime or Zoom to stream our workouts. If you don’t use either of those we’re open to using your preferred streaming service. Even if you don’t consider yourself tech savvy, we’ve got you covered. We will teach you everything you need to know about streaming workouts before your first session.  Most of our virtual clients are able to use their cell phones to stream their workouts.

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