Brian and AlyssaTestimonials

“My wife and I have worked with both Alyssa and Brian for over three year. They are both outstanding professionals. They helpled us establish a great foundation when just getting started with our training regimen. They know when and how to challenge you. Their attention to detail was a big plus too. Brian and Alyssa both provided highly individualized training routines based on our specific needs and personal goals. We would highly recommend them as trainers.”

Ed W. Personal Training Client

“Willow Health and Performance is a very unique business. Alyssa and Brian really have a great vision for their goals for their clients. Alyssa and I have been working together on nutrition. For me, I have had a horrible relationship with food and really wanted to learn how to properly fuel my body again. Alyssa truly helped with that. Alyssa has showed me how to gain a better relationship with food through intuitive eating. I am so incredibly thankful for Alyssa helping me learn how to love my body again and not be so afraid of every bite I take!”

Crysta C. National Level Weightlifter

“Somewhere along the line I got old. I used to eat whatever I wanted without any real consequences. That has definitely changed. Years of eating crap and beer has taken its toll. When I met Alyssa I had determined to turn this around. I was eating healthy food. I was exercising. But I wasn’t losing any weight. The truth is I had no idea how much I was eating and was still making some bad choices. And beer. Anyhow, Alyssa took the time to have an in depth discussion with me about my diet and nutrition. She is very knowledgeable, down to earth, and she called BS on me when I got out of line. I do that occasionally. She gave me the tools to get my eating under control. I have completely changed how I look at food. At first things were great. I was full and I was losing weight. Then I increased my exercise and I was getting hungry at night. After an evaluation Alyssa made several suggestions and things are great again. I realized that weight loss and becoming healthy is a journey that will last the rest of my life. It is good to have Alyssa as a guide to help me through the rough spots.”

-Mike R. General Fitness Athlete

“Alyssa has helped me understand optimal nutrition for weightlifting training as well as how to prioritize my digestive issues. Alyssa went above and beyond to help find solutions and changes that I can make to not only improve my athletic performance but my health as well. In addition to her professionalism, Alyssa is invested in my success, communicates extremely well, and is a pleasure to work with!”

-Lauren B. Weightlifter

“I benefitted from working with Willow Health by always seeing results and continuing to grow closer to my goal. I have toned down and at the same time packed on some muscle. I feel like working with Willow Health was a huge part of my success in working out. I am able to reach my goals with a huge help due to my nutrition.”

Divya D. CrossFit Athlete, Weightlifter, Bikini Competitor

“I’ve been so happy with my experience. The initial consultation was very thorough and I felt Alyssa was truly interested in helping me make better decisions about food. I loved the fact that she continued to reiterate that if I did not like what I was eating, this was not going to work. After 2-3 months, I feel much better after eating and feel like I am getting better about selecting foods to eat, regardless of the situation. Providing me with sample menus for a day has been helpful- it has made all the adjustments that much easier. I think it is understandable that people are reluctant to meet with a nutritionist- fear of eating foods you won’t enjoy is real! However, that is not the case with Alyssa; she helps me select foods that I like and/or that I’ve come to like! I’ve experienced having more energy, better workouts and weight loss over the past 2-3 months.”

-Ryan S. CrossFit Athlete